Zachary Powers


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Man" (1985; on Dynasty)

Last appearance

"Crossroads" (1987)


Pablo Zacharias (birth name)


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Powers Shipping
Owner of The Excelsior Hotel
Owner of Titania Records


Salvadore Zacharias (deceased)

Married to

First name unknown Koralis (deceased)


Spiros Koralis

Nephews and Neices

Sean McCallister


Alexis Carrington
Sable Colby

Zachary Powers (born Pablo Zacharias), commonly known as "Zach", is a rich and ruthless shipping tycoon. He is a hot blooded man, he can love and hate with the passion and that is something life taught him.

Hate towards Jason Colby goes back to when his father, a poor fisherman, killed himself over some unsuccessful for which Zach holds Jason's father responsible. That is the reason why Zach wants to destroy Jason's oil business. He starts plotting to sink the Carrington-Colby pipeline project and ruin the already tense relationship between Jason and Blake Carrington. Zach even uses his nephew Sean to seduce Jason's daughter Bliss to get information on the Colbys.

His big triumph is making love with Sable, Jason's wife, on his yacht. When Jason confesses that he is Jeff Colby's father from an affair with Francesca, Sable runs to Zach's arms, and he is there waiting. Jason eventually becomes aware of the affair, and there is serious confrontation on Zach's yacht, in which Sable is slightly injured. Zach fought desperately to keep Sable for a long time, but their relationship eventually died.

Zachary is a capable but also ruthless businessman and would walk over dead bodies to achieve his purpose. He is a man who knows a lot about the people while people know little, very little about him.