After Miles introduces his new bride "Randall" to the family, Jeff is stunned when Fallon doesn't recognize him. Battle lines are immediately drawn between Miles and Jeff after Jeff reveals Randall's true identity. Constance calls in a psychiatrist to treat Fallon, who suggests the family accept her as Randall and not force her memory. Jeff calls Fallon's father, Blake, who flies to California to see her. However, when Fallon doesn't recognize him either, Blake entrusts Jason and Constance with looking out for Fallon before returning to Denver. Jeff has a chilly reunion with his mother, Francesca, as he's still bitter over her abandonment of him as a child. Francesca then reunites with her sister Sable and, later, with Jason, with whom she was once close. Jason's business rival, Zachary Powers, conveniently runs into Sable twice and hits on her, but she rejects his advances. A dying Jason tries to resolve his conflict with son Miles, to no avail. Jeff gets to know "Randall" better, then surprises her by returning jewelry she once pawned. However, Miles gives his cousin Jeff fair warning to stay away from his new bride.