Sabella "Sable" Scott-Colby


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Californians" (1985; on Dynasty)

Last appearance

"Catch 22" (1989; on Dynasty)

Married to

Jason Colby (1958-1986)


Owner of Colby Collection
Founder of The Colby Center
Class A stockholder in Colby Enterprises
Member of the Board of Directors of Colby Enterprises
One-third owner of Onishy Electronics
Member of the Board of Directors of the California Neurological Group


Francesca Langdon


Monica Colby
Miles Andrew Colby
Bliss Colby


Scott Cassidy


Alexis Colby
Caress Morrell

Neices and Nephews

Jeff Colby
L.B. Colby
Lauren Colby

Sabella "Sable" Colby (nee Scott) is a real tigress, beautiful, smart, sneaky and a real fighter but greedy. She has been married to billionaire Jason Colby since 1958 and they have three children: Monica, Miles and Bliss, whom she is fiercely protective of. In addition to being a leading figure in Bel-Air society, she owns an art gallery, the Colby Collection, and later on opening the prestigious Colby Dance Theater.

She put herself in an delicate situation when she refused to accept her nephew, Jeff Colby, as a part of the family, which caused conflicts with Jason and her sister-in-law, Constance Patterson.

Sometime between Dynasty's "The Man" and The Colbys premiere episode "The Celebration", Sable became unthrilled to learn that Constance has given Jeff her shares in Colby Enterprises. She believes those shares rightfully belong to Miles. Soon, Sable went to work scheming to halt the transfer and privately suggested to Jeff that he leave the family estate while encouraging Miles to protect his interests. Sable's devious activities continue when she works to make Constance look mentally incompetent. Unfortunately for Sable, her scheming starts to backfire, causing problems in her marriage to Jason.

Sable is devastated after the trial, which was her idea, because it revealed that Jeff is the son of her estranged sister, Francesca Hamilton and Jason. Her relationship with her sister was never great but when she finds out about the affair, it deepens her hate further. Her intrigues began to completely alienate her from Jason and they began imburted in a divorce battle, which resulted in Sable recieving a hefty divorce settlement, Class A shares in Colby Enterprises, as well as a seat on the board of directors, in addition to ownership of the Colby beach house, the Palm Springs house, the flat in Paris, as well as being allowed to stay at the Colby Mansion.

During her divorce, Sable ended up in bed with Zach Powers, who considered this another battle won against his business foe, Jason Colby. Zach began consulting Sable on business affairs, such as getting her Class A shares in Colby Enterprises, as well as getting one-third ownership in Onishy Electronics.

In the end, Sable prioritizes her family, and after her presumed-dead brother-in-law Phillip Colby returns, normalizes her relationship with Jason.

Eventually, she moves to Denver and becomes close friends with Blake Carrington and his wife, Krystle, and her first cousin Alexis's biggest rival. With her newfound company "SableCo.", Sable takes over the Carlton Hotel, her Vitron tankers, ColbyCo. stocks and Dex Dexter, who she fell in love with and eventually became pregnant by him.

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