Jason Colby


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Man" (1985; on Dynasty)

Last appearance

"Crossroads" (1987)

Married to

Sable Colby (1958-1986)


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Colby Enterprises


Andrew Colby (deceased)


Constance Patterson (deceased)
Cecil Colby (deceased)
Phillip Colby


Jeff Colby
Monica Colby
Miles Andrew Colby
Bliss Colby


Scott Cassidy
L.B. Colby
Lauren Colby


Francesca Hamilton
Alexis Colby

&nbsp Jason Colby is the patriarch of the Colby family from Los Angeles, California. He is introduced on Dynasty during a three-episode story arc, where he comes to Denver to celebrate his oil venture with Blake Carrington. Originally, Jason was believed to be the father of three children: Monica, Miles and Bliss, with his wife, Sable Colby, of 28 years, but during a trial it was showed that he is also the father of his supposed nephew, Jeff Colby.

A successful businessman, with the personal wealth of $1.2 billion dollars, Jason runs the family corporation, Colby Enterprises, with an iron fist. He is surronded by the love of his children and his sister, Constance Patterson, but also the steering emotions of his wife Sable. When Sable's sister, Francesca Hamilton, come back after a long time of being away, he again falls in love with her and the feelings gets stronger when he finds out that his brother, Phillip Colby, is not Jeff's father.

During the show's run, Jason fought the traps of his rival, Zach Powers, and divorces Sable, who is fighting him every step of the way. The death of his sister Conny devastates him and the bigger shock was the comeback of his supposed "dead" brother, Phillip, who interrupts his wedding to Francesca and eventually tries to kill him and kidnaps Frankie, trying to take her across the border. Jason, with the help from Jeff, manages to stop Phillip and after the accident, Jason holds a dying Frankie in his arms.

On Dynasty, it is revealed that Jason remained in Los Angeles, with Frankie, who survived the accident.