Francesca Hamilton


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Celebration" (1985)

Last appearance

"Crossroads" (1987)

Married to

Phillip Colby
Peter Hamilton
Roger Langdon


Sable Colby


Jeff Colby


L.B. Colby
Lauren Constance Colby

Nieces and nephews

Monica Colby
Miles Andrew Colby
Bliss Colby


Alexis Colby
Caress Morrell

&nbsp Lady Francesca Hamilton (nee Scott; formerly Colby and Langdon) is Sable Colby's younger sister. She is completely different from her sister Sable, gentle, modest warm hearted put passionate. Francesca holds a number of deep secrets close to her heart. One of the biggest is that although she was once married to Phillip Colby, she's in love with his brother Jason Colby, who just happens to be married to her sister.

She comes among the Colbys to see her son, Jeff. He rejects her at first until he finds out that the eldest Colby, Cecil, blackmailed her to leave Jeff after her affair with Jason.

She kept her love for Jason a secret but the discovery they share a son brings them closer, especially after both of them escape Sable's intrigues. Although she discovered that she was still in love with Jason, she ignored her feelings and married Roger Langdon, a diplomat. Her marriage to Roger will break apart.

The problems begin when her husband Phillip Colby, who was presumed dead in Vietnam, comes back to Los Angeles. She still has feelings for Phillip but knows her future is with Jason. Her heart fought for a long time to forget Jason and stop her sister's hate but after all of her sister's intrigues and Philip's kidnapping and a car accident, she will survive and stay with Jason.