Constance Colby Patterson


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Man" (1985; on Dynasty)

Last appearance

"Checkmate" (1986)

Married to

First name unknown Patterson (deceased)


50% owner of Colby Enterprises
50% owner of Colby Estate and Mansion
Member of the Board of Directors of Colby Enterprises


Andrew Colby (deceased)


Cecil Colby (deceased)
Jason Colby
Phillip Colby

Nephews and Neices

Jeff Colby
Monica Colby
Miles Andrew Colby
Bliss Colby
L.B. Colby
Lauren Colby


Henry "Hutch" Corrigan

Constance Patterson (nee Colby), affectionally called "Conny", is a woman with class, a dream of most men but a woman intimidates them. This elderly lady, of silver hair and a heart of gold, had a fulfilled life, didn't have any children of her own, but gave herself completely to the Colby family. That is the reason why everyone adores her, except for her sister-in-law Sable Colby, who still respects her.

When she decided to give her shares in Colby Enterprises, headed by her "kid" brother, Jason Colby, to her nephew Jeff Colby. This is one action causes a series of events that change the future of the family business. Her sister-in-law, Sable Colby, is unhappy to to learn that Conny has given her shares to Jeff because Sable feels that they rightfully belong to her son, Miles.

Conny began suffering from short-term memory loss and forgetfulness when Sable decided to exploit the problem. Sable sets out to prove that Constance's estate should be placed under a court trusteeship because of mental incompetence. This jeopardizes Sable's own marriage to Jason, who is pressured into having his daughter declared incompetent.

The power of her mind and spirit often helps the family, especially her brother Jason. She led an exciting and fulfilled life. The last years, she dedicated herself to a cowboy, Henry "Hutch" Corrigan, who doesn't like the wealth and glamour of the Colbys, but loves her dearly. Eventually, in January of 1987, Conny and Hutch perished in a plane crash while in India. Conny's death was a bitter loss to Jason, but also to Fallon and Jeff, who owed their reunion to her.

She was a beautiful lady who left a permanent mark in the lives of the Colby family.

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