Channing Carter Colby


The Colbys

First appearance

"The Gathering Storm" (1985)

Last appearance

"Crossroads" (1987)

Married to

Miles Andrew Colby




Annabelle Carter (deceased)

Aunts and Uncles

Lucas Carter

Channing Carter Colby is Miles Colby's second wife.

She storms into the Colby world and marries Miles. He wanted to forget Fallon, loves sex and Channing is a good replacement. Things change and they fall in love.

Channing Carter found a shelter at the Colbys from her uncle Lucas, owner of powerful newspapers, who is too overprotective of his niece and wants her in his bed. Against Lucas and Sable's wish, she and Miles got married in Las Vegas.

Channing is torn by the notion that the child Fallon is expecting could be Miles's. And when it's proven that Jeff is the father, Channing starts having nightmares about her mother who died giving birth to her brother. She took contraception pills which made Miles angry. Once she began pregnant she doesn't have the strength to go through with the pregnancy and she decides to abort the baby and leaves Miles.

Colbys' thought of Channing as a two-faced and dangerous person, but she was a girl who treasured love and honesty and had many qualities that would help her find what she's looking for and make someone happy.